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Helpful Facts:

  • Pullets are female chicks. There is a 10% of getting a male when ordered.
  • A strait run means that the chicks were not sorted by gender.
  • Feed starter until your chickens lay their 1st egg (It will be about 6-7 months before this happens), then start them on a layer feed.
  • A rooster is not needed for the production of eggs.
  • ​Make sure the enclosure is tall enough or has a cover so that dogs and other predators can not jump or climb in. 
  •  Chicks will need a heating lamp until they are able to protect themselves. Keep the heating lamp about 18" from the floor and ensure the chicks have room to get away from the heat. 
  • ​Never combine different age groups of chickens without introducing them under supervision first. Older chickens will attack younger aged chickens. This will take time and will not always work. 

If you have ANY questions, please ask. We have a knowledgeable team who wants to help you raise your perfect flock.

We also raise teenagers for your convenience.

 If we don't have the breed you want in stock we can order it for you, just ask! 


We sell chicks all year-round!

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